Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Science News Bulletin Board

For the past 2 years, I've used one of my little bulletin boards as a homework/missed work board. At the end of the day, I put any papers we worked on in the file folders that were stapled to the board. This worked pretty well but since I changed my big bulletin board, I felt like I needed to change my little one as well, if not just for a change of scenery. Here was my board before...

Kind of ghetto, I know, but I didn't want to print out letters, then CUT OUT letters to put on the folders.

With my new board, I searched google for ideas but didn't find anything that really struck my fancy. I didn't want to do anything specific to a certain area of science I was teaching because then I would have to constantly change it to what I was teaching.

THEN I saw this board...

What a great idea!! I am always trying to get the kids to connect science to our everyday lives. One of my favorite websites for science is! It's awesome. So I figured that I could find tons of articles and print them out and post them (change them out weekly or every other week) so the kids can read how science is used in everyday life. Another thing I like is that these articles come with a printer friendly version of the article so it's easy to print.

My favorite part about this website is it has lots of information that deals with STEM. I recently attended a SciGirls workshop that focused on getting girls (8-11) interested in STEM and how to pump them up for it. It got me really motivated.

But I wanted more in my little bulletin board. Kids love fun facts. I have 3 of the Weird But True books from National Geographic. Book #1 that I have was pretty torn up so I decided to tear the pages out and that I would have a section on the board that displays a few of these cool facts at a time and switch them out weekly. There are enough facts in that book to last me all year!

So my bulletin board idea was now concrete. One part for fun facts, and one part of science in the news. I am quite pleased with my final product. The article I posted is about museum science and you can read that article here.

Happy teaching!!


  1. Love this interactive science board!! First year teacher setting up her room here --> totally going to do this tomorrow! Thanks so much :)

  2. Where did you find your "did you know" images?? Love them!!

  3. I had a Nat Geo Weird but True book that was all sorts of torn up by the kids throughout the last year so I just tore the pages out of that!

    1. Excellent! Thank you so much! I love your board!

  4. How did you get your clothes pins to stick to the board? I think that's what you used for the "Did You Know" section.

  5. How did you get your clothes pins to fasten to the board? The answer is blocked by this box.



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