Thursday, October 15, 2015

Prize Box

I have had some interest in my prize boxes (regular and my FANCY one) so I took pictures to show what kinds of prizes I put in for my kids.

This first picture is my regular prize box (really drawers but whatever) and the kids get more chances to get into these prizes than my fancy prize box.

I get most of these prizes at because they come in large quantities for pretty cheap. I also get some of these in the $1 section at Target (pencils, kleenex) and so these end up being pretty cheap when I'm needing so many prizes.

And this box of goodness is my FANCY prize box! Fewer chances to get into and more excitement than the other one.

I get a good chunk of these prizes in the $1 section at Target but still get some from (twisty erasers, crayon pens, stacking owl colored pencils). Those items are more expensive and come in smaller quantities so that's why they make it into my fancy prize box.

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